Silent predator goes in for the kill: Crocodiles Catch whole herd of migrating Gazelle

Prepare for a heart-stopping wildlife spectacle as hungry crocodiles wait for a herd of gazelles during the annual Masai/Serengeti Great Migration. In this gripping video, experience the nail-biting moment when the gazelles attempt to cross a river, continuing their journey towards the new grass fields and calving grounds.

But they don’t realize that the river teems with ferocious crocodiles, turning their crossing into a potential disaster.

Watch in awe as the dominant female of the herd bravely takes the plunge, unaware of the lurking danger. Suddenly, the waiting crocodiles launch into action, unleashing a swift and devastating attack, obliterating the gazelles in their path.

Gazelle are like leftist democrats. No sense. No survival skills. No associating obvious enemies with danger. No concept enemies really do want to rip their faces off the front of their heads. Lead the herd into self-destruction. Get chewed up alive. Go ahead, leftists.

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