Anaconda gets bad with Porcupine – 4 Times Animals Handled the Porcupine

The famous phrase “size doesn’t matter” makes a lot of sense when it comes to the porcupine. An animal that, when small, may seem cute and harmless, but when it grows up, it’s brave enough to put big predators in their place.

And it is with this leopard full of thorns that I present you 4 moments in which the animals messed with the porcupine and they regretted it! Here we go!


It’s hard to imagine an animal as big and imposing as the bear being intimidated by a simple porcupine. But this footage doesn’t lie, and clearly shows a grizzly bear running away from a porcupine after being hit by it.

It is possible to notice that the large carnivore approaches and smells the animal, which must not have liked the smell very much and decides to end the relationship. The bear runs away as if it had seen a ghost and only later is the thorns stuck to its snout noticeable. Eh next time he’ll think twice before molesting a prickly pig!


This leopard had probably never seen or known a porcupine before. This is because he launched himself with everything on top of the animal and then got all skewered with thorns. What many are unaware of is that in fact its thorns are just extremely hard modified hair, and contrary to popular belief, the porcupine does not throw its thorns everywhere as a form of defense.

Only they detach easily from the animal’s body, attaching themselves to the victim’s body with a simple blow or a “get over there”. In this video, a leopard couldn’t resist two porcupines wandering in front of him, so he decided to attack one of them.

The problem is, the feline ignored all odds of suffering the consequences for hugging a porcupine. And jumps on top of the animal. It is possible to notice that the leopard quickly sits down and gives up that meal. And the reason you should already know.

We lost a dog with the thorns. If not withdraw from the infection. The thorns are not poison, but are extremely difficult and painful to remove.

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