Cobra snake attacked the leg trapped in the team, you would not have seen such a dangerous rescue operation

A most dangerous rescue operation carried out by Sarpamitra Akash Jadhav. The well in the village is also very deep. There were some very dangerous moments. Even then he informers about snake.

This is a nonsense work. Why he takes so risk! everyone knows about venomous cobra it doesn’t leave anyone without biting. Very risky work hat’s off to your sir great job.

I like you because you do not do Madari giri Show Off like others. You bagged the snake and released him with least discomfort to the snake, no hanky panky. Good job done.

Use Australian Bolo: long rope, at the other end tie 3 tennis balls with 3-4 feet long strings, each ball string will try to go around the body of the snake, and you will be able to pull the snake towards you quickly from a stable ground.

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